Friday, January 15, 2010

ODE 2 BREAKIN' FAST by Ryss (c) 2002

As the sunrise begins to come
My mind turns over to see the vision of love
I take you into my arms and shower you with
the feelings I held into the night
Givin' U da love with all my might!

Cleansing my spirit with your smile
I begin to take the eggs of life
Crack them open oh so lightly
Whipping them to a creamy pile
Scrambling them to a fluffy mile.

All along the Turkey sausage, bubbles away
The scents of home cookin' smack my face
Standing in your natural buff
I sense your urge to eat the fruits of love juice
Stop, wait have to turn over my pancakes!

As you lift me up to the heavens
The strawberries, pineapples and cantaloupes
mixed with the oranges, kiwi and coconut
Makes me feel light as sliding down a ski slope!

Hash browns caressed with the chopped onions and peppers
lightly browned and seasoned with the sensual touch of your hands

Bringing me to ecstasy by way of the toast
Lightly buttered and sweet jammed
I am so light headed with the conjoined
Bodies in the mix of this meal, I just have to boast!

As I am thoroughly sattisfied
I await the coming again to indulge in the meal of choice
The early morning meal that is so moist
I could die, but I won't until the next mound of consumption!


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